DevOps formation for beginners

You want to learn about DevOps and you don't know how to start ? This formation will teach you the basics.

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DevOps is a way of collaborating between development teams and production operators. It reduces frustration between these groups by enabling common standards, unloading repetitive and tedious tasks to automation and accelerating the time-to-production in a more stable way.


  • Automate the release to production in a quick, reliable and repeatable way
  • Standardize codes and infrastructures in order to facilite communication between teams and team members
  • Increase quality by testing applications and infrastructures before production

Targeted audience

  • Developers
  • Sysadmins
  • Networkadmins
  • Software architects
  • Software agile teams


  • Basic knowledge of programmation
  • Basic knowledge of system/network administration

Special features of this formation

  • Everything opensource: every tool we use is opensource. So it’s easier to replicate what you learn directly into your own project
  • Quick theory-practice cycle: each theoretical point is linked to a practical exercise. You learn faster when you put directly into practice what has just been taught

The formation itself

Why DevOps ?

Definition of the problematic. The story of DevOps and the problems it tries to solve

  • The war between developers and production operators
  • The Agile methodology but in practice (User stories and tests)

Modelize your dev !

How to correctly setup a dev environment to increase dev-prod parity and not have to redo the work again

  • Vagrant and Virtualbox to manage repeatable servers setups on your own computer
  • Docker and other containers tools to manage your apps inside these servers

Manage your code !

Basics of git to learn how to manage a codebase efficiently without getting lost in it

  • Git clone, pull/push, branch, merge and some git flows
  • Discovery of Gitlab
  • Discovery of Gitea

Everything artifacts !

The way of correctly packaging your code and infrastructure for a reliable and secure production

  • How to build an app with Docker
  • How to create an Ansible playbook to deploy your app

Automate everything !

How to automate your tests, packaging and even your deploy to production

  • The principles of CI
  • Create a CI with Jenkins
  • Create a CI with Gitlab

Test everything !

Basics on how to write tests for infrastructure to find bugs before reaching production

  • Integration tests with Bats and Cucumber
  • Compliance tests with Inspec
  • A glimpse of DevSecOps

Deploy it !

How to correctly automate a deploy to avoid breaking production

  • SemVer syntax to find your deploy history quickly
  • Blue/Green, Canary, rolling deploy
  • Basics of backups

Monitor it !

How to see what happens in production

  • Monitor with Prometheus
  • Log with EFK

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